Will & Grace

Light is made of colour

“I bring arms outstretched and willing  / You bring armfuls of wood for the fire, securing our generous, bountiful home 

I promise, not to obey, But to respond joyfully, to forgive and console, For once incomplete, we are now whole” 

– Grace to Will, on their wedding day

It’s safe to say that we will never forget this wedding. Anyone who knows Will & Grace loves them – it’s impossible not too! From the very first time Will emailed us, we knew that this celebration would be something special. Friends & family gathered in the tiny Eastern Cape Village of Hamburg, at the Jewel Box, the house where the couple have spent many family holidays together. The bridal party wore outfits custom-made from sumptuous African wax prints, the couple were transported by donkey cart, Will bought two spits on which the wedding feast was prepared, and friends contributed incredible salads and side dishes to supplement the meal. This celebration was lovingly created by the hands of people who adore Will & Grace; in a village that does not even have a grocery store, everything had to be sourced from neighbouring towns, or made from scratch. Almost every guest contributed something to the day, a speech, a song, their time, part of the meal or a piece of the decor. There was a spontaneous fish auction, an energetic game of dodge ball on the lawn and dogs and children running freely. We bet you will wish you were there.

14 Responses to “Will & Grace”

  1. lizelle lotter

    Yes to people making their wedding their own!
    Love this wedding, LOVE how you captured it <3

  2. Vivienne

    The most unique, gorgeous wedding I have ever seen! And the photography is beyond amazing! Love this! x

  3. Emma-Jane

    Smiled throughout this whole post! Haha.

    Love it!

  4. Michelle Reynolds

    Holy cow. This post just set my heart ablaze. The joy contagious and the honesty a thing of great beauty!! Rebecca, Bruce… You guys are truly master storytellers. High fives all round for love and creativity.

  5. Michelle Reynolds

    Oh and GREAT dog photos! Slow clap for those.

  6. Lindie Meyer

    This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen this year. Absolutely incredible. :)

  7. Karin Rae Johns

    Love love love! The most unique wedding, beautifully captured.
    Will and Grace, you are such an inspiration. You are both so true to yourselves in such a bold and beautiful way.

  8. Leslie Phillips

    Beautiful photos, beautiful wedding,
    Beautiful people! Thanks for sharing.
    Congratulations. Xxxooo

  9. Christine Poulos

    Wow…. lovely to revisit this happy time. beautiful pics….x

  10. Jani B

    How absolutely liberating it must be to be 100% authentic and true to yourself! Love everything about this wedding!!!

  11. Chloe Miles

    Magnificent! Congratulations you two X

  12. Anri

    This is so incredibly beautiful! I can’t stop smiling. So much love going around. :) :) :)

  13. brenda

    A truly beautiful and creative day…fragile joyful moments that can be revisited forever through these wonderful photographs
    Thank you so much for sharing

  14. Selma

    Gosh guys! Been meaning to comment on this a while back already. This is flipping amazeballs. You have captured it perfectly. Feel like i was a guest at the wedding!


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