Welcome Harper Raine

Portraits at home

Dustin and Karen recently welcomed tiny little Harper Raine into their lives. Rebecca spent some time with them at their home as they cuddled her and gave her a bath. There is nothing better than a brand new family.

Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-13 Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-2 Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-35Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-25Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-44Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-77Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-107Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-82Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-91Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-93Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-95Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-110 Harper_Raine_lovemadevisible-100

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  1. Kate

    so beautiful. I hope we can fly you two to Central America when we have our babies ;)


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