The Arrival of Brea Jaine

A birth story

What a joy to be able to share a few images from the day Debbie & Theran met their daughter, Brea Jaine. Debbie (who is among many other things, a doula) was the picture of strength, courage & grace and her birth team (husband, doula & midwife) were everything that she needed them to be. Things came together beautifully for a peaceful water birth and the icing on the cake was that my mom happened to be Debbie’s midwife, so we were able to experience this day together. You can read about the birth from Debbie’s perspective at this link. When I tell people that I love photographing births, they sometimes look at me like I am crazy, but I think that birth is one of the most powerful & beautiful things a person can be witness too, and I am so grateful to this family for letting me into this sacred space. – Rebecca x

4 Responses to “The Arrival of Brea Jaine”

  1. Candice Ghignone

    SO beautiful, Becs! Wow. Couldn’t be more perfect xxx

  2. Robyn Jane

    Such stunning pics Becs!! I shed a few tears looking at those!

  3. Melissa

    These photographs are stunning Becs. Just incredible!

  4. Stephanie Joyce

    Wow! These photos are incredible. Gave me gooseflesh!!!!


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