beach cooking

A summery food story

Now and again we dabble in commercial work. We were commissioned by an international print publication to photograph a story about cooking food on the beach. We teamed up with talented food stylist Hannah Lewry and these pictures were the result.

Kinfolk-1   Kinfolk-6 Kinfolk-11 Kinfolk-14 Kinfolk-17 Kinfolk-20  Kinfolk-32 Kinfolk-40   Kinfolk-50 Kinfolk-51 Kinfolk-54   Kinfolk-59 Kinfolk-56Kinfolk-68 Kinfolk-70 Kinfolk-73 Kinfolk-77 Kinfolk-82 Kinfolk-91 Kinfolk-96 Kinfolk-102 Kinfolk-108 Kinfolk-111 Kinfolk-117 Kinfolk-120

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  1. Tiffs

    This is like reading a Kinfolk article – just beautiful :) xx


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