Sean & Dani

An intimate wedding at the Kruger National Park

“The moment I met you I knew I would marry you, and I knew that I would marry you here” – Sean to Dani, surrounded by a circle of family and friends, in the middle of a fever tree forest.

Anyone who has spoken to us recently has probably heard us gush animatedly about what we experienced at this wedding, and now it is our joy to share some images with all of you.

We’ll never forget the exquisite beauty of the Northern Kruger Park – the place where Sean and Dani met, worked together, fell in love and then got married. We’ll remember the game drives and bush walks, the views that took our breath away and the beautiful venue (The Outpost). We’ll tell people about the hand-picked local grasses and seed pods that were lovingly arranged in vases, and fashioned into bouquets and boutonnières by Dani’s mom, aunt and a few trusty helpers. But most of all, we’ll remember the ceremony in a secret fever tree forest, where Dani was sung down an aisle made of grass mats, and guests sat in an intimate circle, united in both their love for this place and their love for this couple. Tears flowed freely and every word was sincere and heartfelt. A herd of elephants roamed close by, wedding rings were passed from hand to hand, blessings were spoken, and Sean and Dani said their vows with these beloved people and the fever trees as their witnesses.

This place, and these people left us feeling humbled, refreshed and so very grateful – reminded once again of why we love what we do.


32 Responses to “Sean & Dani”

  1. Lindie Meyer

    Absolutely breathtaking. WOW!!!!

  2. Michelle Reynolds

    Wow wow wow!! This is what life is about. So wonderful to know that family, great love and unions like this exist. What a beautiful day, sincerely and magestically captured. Bruce and Rebecca, you guys are sensational!!

  3. Anri

    My favourite by far (thus far)! You guys are incredible. X

  4. Steph

    This really shows what love is about and what it means to love.
    Absolutely beautiful and my friend Dan deserves every bit of this happiness.

  5. nadia

    These photos took my breath away! “Love made visible” truly captured the most beautiful moments, and you could not have had better photographers for your special day!
    My Dani & Sean you are just to incredible together!

  6. Kate

    Next level amazing!

  7. Skillie

    Flippn’ love this. sjoe. No words! :D

  8. Maike

    I have no words.
    This is what a wedding celebration is all about and you guys documented the essence of this perfectly!
    Amazing job guys.

  9. Aims

    Gosh, I got emotional just looking at the photos and I dont even know the couple. Stunning photos of a truly magical place

  10. Carmen Viljoen

    I am sitting in my chair at work crying as if I know this lovely couple and as if I was part of the entire wedding! These images are just amazing! So much happiness and so much love! Well done Love made visible…..exactly what you did.

  11. Kerry

    I came across a link to this wedding on Facebook. This must be one of the best weddings I have ever seen captured, not only are the photos so beautiful and the venue etc. but it is the emotion that was captured. (I cried while scrolling through these) BEAUTIFUL! Truly this IS Love Made Visible!!

  12. Kimberley

    Just filled with emotion at these INCREDIBLE photos – the love, the sweetness, the joy… it just permeates! What an incredible location to have an intimate wedding – the beauty of Northern Kruger is just amazing. I love EVERYTHING about these photos. WOW WOW WOW!

  13. Kim

    So, so beautiful! Really felt the love, the ceremony looked so unique and intimate. Beautiful work.

  14. Bear Lynch

    We are so chuffed for you guys. What an awesome day, wishing you both longevity, health, and happiness.

  15. Jenny

    I can feel the emotion through these pictures. I have a few tears in jy eyes. Beautiful!

  16. Heidi Carter

    Wow! Wow! Wow! These photos are a breathtaking reflection of the story, atmosphere, mood and magical moments of what was such a moving and special celebration for our family!! Thank you so very much Bruce and Rebecca you are masters of your craft, captured with a warmth and openness that made you feel part of our family!! Gratitude and hugs to you both! XXX

  17. Nicole

    So honestly and beautifully captured! Well done you two – this is beautiful!

  18. Ingrid

    An absolutely stunning wedding in such unique surroundings . Bravo, Bravo to Rebecca and Bruce. Magical photography. You made me long for Pafuri.

  19. Jocelyne Ritchie

    What a wonderful album.That looks like the best wedding ever – so much love and happiness – bless you all.

  20. Rands

    These photos are just amazing, breath-taking, a dream. If my wedding photos are to be anything, this would be the closest thing. You guys sure know how to capture the moments. My wedding photographers have been found.

  21. Challice Walsh

    I don’t know the Photographer or any member of this Wedding, but I am absolutely awed at these beautifully captured photographs. I was so emotional as I looked through them all. I have no other words except to send very special blessings to the couple.

  22. Maria Botha

    I am an absolute fan and after seeing these pictures even more so! Well done! Beautifully captured – every emotion! Stunning!!!

  23. Gail and Brian Kane-Berman

    Looking at these amazing photographs brings back the most vivd memories of the beautiful weekend. You have captured the utmost joy and emotions felt by us all on that special day. Thank you for providing the most stunning record to look back on for years to come. What an amazingly talented couple you are. Brian and Gail (parents of the bride)

  24. Callum Sargent

    Jeepers, well done guys! Thank you so much for these incredible captures and for preserving the most precious of memories. We had a blast!

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  26. Mun

    Just WOW.

  27. Linda

    I have a report to finish at work..but its raining on my face! felt like I was there….a life a of love and strength to the awesome couple!

  28. Mary

    My most favourite place in the whole world, a more wonderful spot could not have been chosen. It seems you made a lot of people very emotional, me included, just looking at the pictures. Well done, best photographers in the world!!!

  29. Kristen Ritchie

    My comment echoes what others have written. As a photographer I have seen so many weddings that it’s very rare for me to genuinely want to look at pictures of an entire wedding. Not only did I enjoy looking at these images, I too was emotional seeing all of the emotion you captured of this family. What a gift to you two photographers to have a family openly show so much of their love and emotion, b/c we know too well, if the emotion isn’t there, we can’t document it. Well done!

  30. Noelien

    Wow, to be able to capture a part of the couple’s nature (souls) from just photos is amazing. I sense a warm, caring, loving couple who’s walked many a miles and left warm prints in other’s lives.
    Salute to the photographer.

  31. Jackie

    I’m a flood of tears having tangibly sensed the love in this family and union. Truly, magnificent work. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Karli Nortier

    Absolutely breath-taking! I got quite tearful. Not only is it a collection of memories but a collection of artwork.
    Such an inspiration for my own work!

    Keep on doing what you’re doing.


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