Saskia & Neal

A wedding in Arniston

Saskia & Neal were married in the sleepy seaside village of Arniston. Their celebration was intimate and unpretentious and involved all of their favourite things – the ocean, good food, the best people & foot-stomping blues. They were completely true to themselves in every aspect of the day and as far as photography goes, there is nothing that makes us happier than that.


4 Responses to “Saskia & Neal”

  1. Nicole Marchand

    Beautiful beautiful! Thank you for Neal and Saskia’s love made visible!

  2. Anita


  3. Saskia

    I can look at this every day xx

  4. Neal Mizushima

    Hello! How crazy is this? My wife’s name is Saskia (which is very uncommon here in the US) and my name is Neal (and the spelling with an A rather than an E is also very uncommon here). We are wedding photographers in Seattle. Congrats to the other Neal and Saskia! Your wedding photos are gorgeous!


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