PJ & Roxanne

A colourful celebration at Open Window

You’re like a party somebody threw me / You taste like birthday / You look like New Years / You’re like a big parade through town / You leave such a mess but you’re so fun /Tell all the neighbours to start knocking down walls / To grab their guitars and run out to the hall / And we’re coming out right along, to sing them our new song – Regina Spektor

When we met up with PJ & Roxanne to chat about their wedding, they instantly became our friends. It is impossible not to love these two. Their wedding was a true testament to who they are, and the kind of community they have around them. Everything about this celebration was built from scratch by the hearts and hands of the people who love them, and if you met Roxanne and PJ, we guarantee that you would want to be part of their community too! Here is a small glimpse into their wonderful wedding day – now shout it along with us – “HOOORRAAY!”


2 Responses to “PJ & Roxanne”

  1. Luzanne

    Stunning dress and beautiful pictures!

  2. Hantie Weber

    The most stunning wedding photos I have EVER seen!


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