Our home

muizenberg, cape town

Our friend Matt Allison recently asked us to take a few photographs of our humble home for his blog, Our Gathered Home.

Matt started Our Gathered Home out of a need to share honest, authentic homes lived in by real people. Our home is by no means perfect, but we love living here.

Home_Meissner-1 Home_Meissner-2 Home_Meissner-3 Home_Meissner-4 Home_Meissner-5 Home_Meissner-6 Home_Meissner-8 Home_Meissner-9 Home_Meissner-10 Home_Meissner-11 Home_Meissner-12 Home_Meissner-13 Home_Meissner-18 Home_Meissner-19 Home_Meissner-20 Home_Meissner-24 Home_Meissner-26 Home_Meissner-28 Home_Meissner-29 home-1

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  1. Roxanne

    You two are such beauties – inside and out! So much love reflecting in your space too. Can’t wait to visit, eventually! xxxxxx


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