Muizenberg on Fire

The Great Fire of 2015

As most people who live in the Cape Town vicinity would know, we have recently been ravaged by a seriously hardcore wildfire.

The fire started above our little village of Muizenberg on Sunday, and has engulfed the entire peninsula mountain range in the last 3 days. The firefighters and volunteers have been beyond incredible in saving our asses!

Last night I (Bruce) decided to go up onto Boyes Drive above Muizenberg to see what was going down. There were no words for the different aspects of life I witnessed! I saw firefighters sprinting around, so organised, so focused, and driven. I saw nature totally taking over. I felt so much heat and had so much smoke in my eyes, I had to leave eventually. It was brutal, but brutally beautiful!


3 Responses to “Muizenberg on Fire”

  1. Lisa

    Wow! Incredible! Yet, incredibly devastating! Just makes you realise (to the slightest extent) what those heroes out there are up against…the size of the flames vs the minuscule amount of water coming out the hoses! Serious prayers going out to all those on the front line.

  2. Jules

    Incredible pics – I can barely believe what I’m seeing! My parents’ house is on Boyes Drive and the champs from Lakeside Firestation No. 3 Platoon kept the fire from destroying their home and all the others in the area last night. Apparently the wind is picking up though and St James/Kalk Bay is under threat again… hold thumbs it doesn’t go pear-shaped.

  3. Casey

    Devastating. Your pictures are so powerful – thank you for sharing.


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