Film Travels

August 2014

The following images were taken over the period of June – Aug 2014 while we were traveling through England, Scotland, Netherlands, and Germany.

We have been shooting a bit more film recently, just to capture our personal lives. It’s been an awesome process of learning, and even more awesome to see the rad memories we have captured forever. It’s nice to play outside the bubble of shooting everything on easy professional DSLRs and editing on computers; to now stuffing-up shots and using pretty crappy small point and shoots with no settings.

I just want to capture life in its messy, as-it-is form.

There are also some fun portraits taken back home with some borrowed medium format cameras.

I process most of my black and white stuff at home, and yes, shooting film is expensive, and yes, I messĀ up rolls every now and then.

For more film images check out our Tumblr:

– Bruce


Grandpa Jock. Hasselblad 2000FC Tri-X 400


Riaan. Hasselblad 2000FC Tri-X 400


Rebecca. Hasselblad 2000FC Tri-X 400

tumblr_nb2rw6HwGr1tbko12o1_12804berlin2 4berlin3

Berlin. Tri-X 400.


Black Forest, Germany. Tri-X 400.

amsterdam1 amsterdam2

Delft, Holland. Tri-X 400.

1amsterdam1 1amsterdam2 1amsterdam3 1amsterdam4

Amsterdam with Murray. Tri-X 400

scotland scotland2 scotland3 scotland4

Edinburgh, Scotland. Kodak Gold 200 and Tri-X 400.

lake-district lake-district2 lake-district3 lake-district4 lake-district5 lake-district6 lake-district7

Lake District, England. Leica Mini 2. Tri-X 400 and Kodak Gold 200.

london1 london2

London 2014. Leica Mini 2 Tri-X 400.

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