Christmas in Europe

Let it snow!

This time last year, we spent our first Christmas in the snow. We woke up in Austria on Boxing Day to a winter wonderland. Piles of snow had fallen overnight, it was such a novelty and so different to the sunny South African Christmases that we are used to. We went to Christmas markets, ate lebkuchen and searched for the best hot chocolate in Europe. We learned to ski & snowboard, walked through the snow to visit Bavarian castles, and had snowball fights. As I type this I can hear people outside our complex in Muizenberg, as they flock to the beach and the public pools – it’s such a contrast to what we experienced last Christmas and it’s hard to believe that right now people on the other side of the world are bundled up next to fireplaces!

Here are a few photos from our time in Germany, Austria & France.

5 Responses to “Christmas in Europe”

  1. Daddy Seadog

    It’s like we’re reliving THE most wonderful experience – wonderful and truly special family time and blessed experiences… I’m overcome with the power and beauty of your imagery – encaptured and enraptured.
    As always

    • Valmai

      awesome, what wonderful photos and what a wonderful memory.

  2. Valmai

    awesome – what wonderful memories and what wonderful photos to remind you all of your holiday in Austria and beyond.

  3. Emma-Jane

    So magical!

  4. Sara

    Winter wonderland at its best!


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