Beautiful Gate

An amazing NGO in Crossroads

A while back I was involved in an awesome project for Beautiful Gate South Africa. They were renovating a whole section of their building to include a restaurant and a mini-museum dedicated to Crossroads itself. They needed some nicely framed images that reflected Crossroads, the people who live there, and Beautiful Gate as a whole.

I loved this project. It was challenging, but rewarding.

At the end of the project I gave each one of the staff that I photographed, their own little postcard size image. This was easily the most rewarding part of the process. The ladies were overjoyed and couldn’t believe how they looked. It spoke volumes to me about the meaning of a photograph. Too often a photo revolves around money, colour balancing, size, and other nonsense. What these ladies held is what an image was supposed to be. It created meaning and literally was something they could hold onto for life.

– Bruce

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