A cottage in the mountains

Many years ago my dad’s friend Roger built a cottage in the Bainskloof mountains. It’s one of our favourite places to visit and we even spent some of our honeymoon there. There is no electricity, so you really¬†switch off and relax. Here is a small collection of photographs we have taken there over the last couple of years.

5 Responses to “Bainskloof”

  1. Kelly Lubbee

    I think it must have been a combination of the music I was listening to plus the tea in my hand while I was scrolling through but I wish it hadn’t ended.
    Stunning & simple!

  2. Beth

    STUNNING! We actually found this place online. So nice to see it come alive in photographs.

  3. Danette

    Absolutely want to be there right now!!! Beautiful!

  4. Selma

    Looks like a stunning place to unwind :-) And beautifully captured by you guys as usual! xxx

  5. Marcel

    Bananagrams is where it’s at! Wonderful collection of photographs by the way.


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