Tiff & Ross

An afternoon at their home

We spent the afternoon with Tiff and Ross, photographing them in their new home, in between cups of coffee and plenty of laughs, and followed by a delicious dinner. Just as it should be. Tiff is also a photographer, and as she so aptly said,

“The more I take photos, the more I realize just how precious the in-between moments of life are. Sure, engagements, weddings, special occasions, they’re all important to celebrate and document in a big way. But are the little moments that serve to grout those together any less important? The unique ways that you and your lover hold hands, the stupid faces you pull at each other (that may just be me ;) ), how you move around each other in your space together, for me, those moments, those gestures, are nothing and everything all at once”.

We couldn’t have said it better.

Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-7 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-9 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-47 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-48 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-67 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-72 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-78 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-80 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-81 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-95 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-116 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-133 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-141 Tiff_Ross_lovemadevisible-148

2 Responses to “Tiff & Ross”

  1. Tiffs

    These pictures still make us smile every day :) thank you for these precious memories that capture our hearts! :) xx

  2. Katie

    Absolutely love these. Knowing Tiffs and Ross, the faces and moments you captured are spot on them day to day. Love these!!!

    PS- love the hair Tiffs!!!!


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