Aleph Apparel

for aleph surfing foundation

Our dear friends, Vanessa and Rehgert, run an amazing NPO called Aleph Surfing Foundation. Aleph uses surfing, art and other recreational activities as a platform to teach youth new skills and share important life values with them. Along with another friend of ours, super talented local designer and illustrator Ruschka Du Toit (Russian Kid), Aleph designed a range of t-shirts and bags, which they have been selling to help fund the work they are doing. A few months ago we did a quick lifestyle/lookbook shoot to showcase their range. We are by no means fashion photographers, so this was really a time to have fun and try something new. Huge thanks to our friends Mike, Farran, Kirsty and Nic who agreed to model for us, and also to Ruschka for all of her help and rad ideas.

If you would like to see how you can support the work Aleph are doing, have a look at their website.

Alephlookbook Alephlookbook-20 Alephlookbook-25 Alephlookbook-26 Alephlookbook-36 Alephlookbook-43 Alephlookbook-47 Alephlookbook-67 Alephlookbook-71 Alephlookbook-73 Alephlookbook-84 Alephlookbook-90 Alephlookbook-107 Alephlookbook-119 Alephlookbook-127 Alephlookbook-138 Alephlookbook-145 Alephlookbook-146 Alephlookbook-152 Alephlookbook-155Alephlookbook-3

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  1. Catherine Mac

    I like a lot! ;)

  2. Rees

    I wanna buy some – where????

  3. lauren, curious constellation

    This is brilliant!

  4. Cari

    This is such a beautiful lookbook. I love it! x

  5. nicola

    really love all of this – the feel, people and products. always inspired to shoot more like you guys!

  6. Emma-Jane

    Absolutely love it guys!


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