An unimaginable adventure

Before we got to Alaska we could never have imagined the wild beauty and unimaginable adventure that awaited us there. Along with our dear friends David and Kirsty, we discovered glaciers, flew in a four seater plane, caught salmon with our bare hands, climbed mountains, slept on a ferry, camped in the pouring rain, got lost on tandem bikes, stumbled upon waterfalls and graveyards and hiked through mossy forests.

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5 Responses to “Alaska”

  1. Jani

    Live the shot with the Huskey driving the truck :)

  2. Lizelle Lotter

    Alaska was op my lys…maar dink dit is nou nog hoër daarop! Sulke sielvolle fotos.

  3. David

    You’ve captured it. These are fantastic!

  4. Kirsten young

    Man… Was this real?
    Pinching myself!
    So beautiful guys, your the best people to do this with!

  5. Joyce Young

    Love the hug on 4th Avenue


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