North America

Our favourite images

In 2013 we spent two months adventuring around North America. We started in New York and from there went to Vermont, Boston, Atlanta, Athens, New Orleans, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, San Diego, Joshua Tree, San Francisco, Yosemite, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and finally Alaska. Here are some favourite images from that time.

Alaska-5 Alaska-45 Alaska-46 Alexander Falls, Whistler, Canada Athens, Georgia Atlanta-17 Atlanta-22 Big Sur, California Boston-12 Boston-25 Boston-26 Denali National Park, Alaska Denali Sunset, Alaska Denali, Alaska DSR_0067 DSR_9934 Grand Canyon Sunrise grandcanyon-4 grandcanyon-5 grandcanyon-9 grandcanyon-20 Half Dome, Yosemite Jazz Buskers, New Orleans Joshua Tree National Park joshuatree-1 joshuatree-4 joshuatree-8 joshuatree-58 joshuatree-61 joshuatree-63 Little Five Points, Atlanta Mosquito Cove, Alaska NewOrleans-7 NewOrleans-19 NewOrleans-25 NewOrleans-27 NewOrleans-36 NewOrleans-43 NewOrleans-89 NYC1-2-8 NYC1-2-19 NYC1-2-21 NYC1-2-23 NYC1-2-25 NYC1-2-35 NYC1-2-42 NYC1-2-67 NYCday3-4-24 NYCday3-4-76 portland-9 Route 164, California Sanfran-33 Sanfran-34 Sanfran-36 Sanfran-74 seattle-48 Sidewalk, New Orleans Top of the Rock, New York Vancouver-12 Vancouver-21 Vancouver-24 Vancouver-47 Vermont-38 Vermont-56  yosemite

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