We Are
Bruce & Rebecca

Documenting life in all of its fullness brings us great joy, and we'd love the opportunity to tell some of your story. But first...

Our Story

We met as students at UCT in 2006. Bruce was 21, Rebecca was 19. Bruce took Rebecca on roadtrips to Jeffreys Bay and ignited her spirit of adventure. Rebecca edited Bruce’s academic essays and held his hand through trials and joys. We made each other mixed CDs and sat on the roof of Rebecca’s parents’ house, speaking about all the things that lay ahead of us. We went to punk rock shows, prayed together, graduated, got jobs and somewhere amidst all of this we discovered photography. We started off just photographing each other, then our pets, our families, our friends, and eventually – to our surprise – people actually started paying us to photograph them.

We were married in January 2010 with the mountain above us and the city below us, in the same place where our love story began, at UCT. Surrounded by the people we loved the most, we made our vows and washed each others’ feet, beginning our marriage in humble service to each other. This was both the beginning of us, and the beginning of Love Made Visible. They are one and the same, you see. Our photographs are an extension of who we are, the things that we value and all that we believe.

We are fascinated by human connection, and we light up when given the opportunity to tell people’s stories through our photographs. Through our work, and our actions, we want to remind people about what matters most. We wholeheartedly believe in love and its power to restore all things. We want to make images that speak to something greater than us, images that really matter.

We live in Muizenberg, Cape Town with our crazy dog Juneau, at Sunbird Cottage, the home we renovated together. When we are not working we are probably gardening, crocheting, planning our next travel adventure, drinking good coffee, adding to our music collection, watching a documentary, cooking, enjoying the mountain and the ocean that are on our doorstep, watching live music and theater, and sharing the highs and lows of life with the people we love.