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We travelled around Europe for two months in the summer of 2012 and again for a month in 2014. Here are some of our favourite photographs from our adventures there.

20120629-DSC_5272 20120629-DSC_5308 20120629-DSC_5431 20120630-DSC_5509 20120703-DSC_5547 20120705-DSC_574420120703-DSC_554120120705-DSC_5761 20120708-DSC_5926 20120709-DSC_5958 Venice-2320120712-DSC_6063 20120715-DSC_638220120709-DSC_5973 20120716-DSC_6574 Venice2-4720120716-DSC_6651 20120721-DSC_7091 20120717-DSC_6817 20120721-DSC_7116 Audience of one, Florence, ItalyAbandoned Barn, Scotland Art Seller, Paris20120715-DSC_6389Bersaglieri Marching Band, Rome Bird Feeding, Paris Burano, Italy Cinque Terre 1-16 Cinque Terre 1-36 Cinque Terre 1-69 Cinque Terre Beach, Italy Eiffel Tower, Paris Europe 2014-39 Europe 2014-107 Europe 2014-151 Europe 2014-76Europe 2014-217 Europe 2014-237 Venice2-43Europe 2014-263 Europe 2014-292 Europe 2014-324 Europe 2014-281Europe 2014-330 Europe 2014-359 Europe 2014-372 Europe 2014-388 Europe 2014-431 Florence, Italy Florence-16 Europe 2014-373Florence-51 Florence-60 Granada Flamenco, Spain Granada lady Locals playing cards, cinque terre, Italy Nun on bike, Paris Paris Street Scene Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre Rome-14 Paris, FranceRome-60 Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Siena-12 Venice2-36Siena-23 Siena-35 Siena-60 Street Scene, Italy The Highlands, Scotland The Louvre, Paris Trastevere-9Venice-66 Tuscany-38 Vatican -51 Venice, Italy Trastevere-29Venice-2 Venice-19 Venice-67Venice2-10

4 Responses to “Europe”

  1. Lindsay

    So nice!

  2. Katie

    This is just so wonderful! I am so inspired! Thank you for seeing so beautifully!

  3. Reni

    Ooo soo nice!

  4. elaine

    such gorgeous images! beautiful work!


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